• Cleaning furniture by steam

    Cleaning furniture by steam
  • pest control

    pest control
  • Cleaning glass facades

    Cleaning glass facades

We give you the best

Hygiene is an essential thing that heavenly religions have urged, in addition to the many health benefits enjoyed by people who care about the cleanliness of their furniture, cooking utensils, bedding and the water they use.
Clean VIP Company provides cleaning services with the latest tools by steam, which specializes in cleaning the sofa steam, cleaning curtains steam and carpet steam cleaning, in addition to cleaning services for the kitchen and the removal of difficult fats and glass facades such as windows and mirrors in all commercial and residential facilities, we will not forget your share of floors of marble washing and polishing floors to enjoy With clean and glossy floors while preserving its various materials by using the method and materials best suited to the quality of the floor, and one of our most important services is also cleaning water tanks with the best sanitary and sterilized materials and modern utensils where the tanks are the main source of water in the facilities, which we adopt on a daily basis in showers, household cleaning and ablution.

In the pest and gecko department, Clean VIP has a specialized team that is specialized in eliminating insects and their sources, providing safe environments in facilities and ensuring complete hygiene using the latest tools and technologies available globally.

We give you the best

Steam cleaning of furniture

Steam cleaning is one of the latest methods of cleaning, and is the finest, fastest and cleanest in comparison with other cleaning methods, at Clean VIP we have the best team to Steam cleaning of furniture: sofas, curtains and carpets, our team is equipped with the latest equipment and tools to give you clean facilities with clean and healthy furniture. Contact us now

Pest control and gecko

Pest control and gecko is one of the most important services of Clean VIP where we have a specialized technical team to exterminate insects and eliminate their colonies from the root with the latest methods and tools that ensure you amazing results in your commercial or residential facility completely free of insects of all kinds that negatively affect the people in the facility, Insects are a real threat to infect, bite, or infect people.

Cleaning of water tanks

Clean VIP is one of the leading companies in the field of cleaning water tanks using the latest methods and environmentally friendly sanitary cleaning materials.
Now get rid of contaminated water and get complete cleaning of your commercial and residential water tanks and enjoy clean sanitary water and sterile water tanks

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